Friday, April 24, 2009

My little gal is turning 3 soon

An impulsive shot with my gal. I like her smile here.

My little gal is going to turn 3 next Tuesday. A year has gone and she has grown up so much while I am getting older (and hopefully a wiser mummy). *wink*

For her 3rd birthday, we would have an early celebration at her uncle’s cafĂ© this evening. Since her grandfather from Kapit is here till tomorrow, we make it few days earlier. Relatives and close friends are invited to her birthday party cum buffet dinner. Aren’t our children nowadays lucky? They have birthday parties with many guests and not forgetting the pleasure of receiving presents. Not during my days where birthdays were more of a family affair. For those who was having birthday, my mum would cook 2 boiled eggs in the morning for you to eat, symbolise you are a year older. In the evening, we would gather around and have a cake from Mayflower. Remember those days we didn’t have many bakeries around. So every year, the cakes would be ordered from Mayflower. Oh, not that I am jealous of my little gal; of course as a mother, we always want the best for our children, right? I am just thinking back of my childhood memories and how nice would it be if I could turn back the clock and be a young child again! Everything then was simple and easy.

Back to the present --- I have ordered a 2kg American Chocolate cake from Taiwan Cake House, which cost RM96! I must remember to take photo of the cake. Hmm, must be a long time since I ordered a cake, I don't remember the cakes been that expensive! Lol! Flour, eggs and basic goods' prices increasing again??

Her present from me

I have made her a birthday card. Nothing exaggerating; just a simple birthday card design using glitters. And what presents I bought for her?? My little gal is a Mickey Mouse fan, so I bought her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse merchandise. Sand art and stickers. Even before her birthday, she already got her present from me and started playing with them!!

My special card for her

Check out her sand art and sticker fun here!


Dav DiDi said...

The card is nice ... !!

Yeah cake nowadays is very expensive oh .. you should tell me earlier.. i have 18% discount from previledge book if you order from MITA or Fujisan

Rose said...

hai ya! Now u tell me! :p Thanks for the offer.

Merryn said...

ahh... happy bday! i like her smile there too! :)

Jas said...

happy birthday to her o~! few more years then she will becum leng lui dy... ^^

Jess said...

Happy birthday...

From Jess

RaiNboW said...

Your DIY card is really creative lah.. And it shows sincerity too.

Happy birthday to ur daughter..