Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pity me!

Before I proceed, I would like to thank all my friends for your well wishes and advices on my pregnancy. It is great to read the comments from experienced mommies and daddies.

Don't have much times to blog and blog hopping lately, but I really don’t know what I am busy about. Since this month where my little gal did not go to her baby sitter (by the way, she still been taken care by baby sitter on every Thursday and Friday), I don’t have much time to do anything besides doing house chore. Washing, cooking and driving around are my daily routine. It is actually more tiring than when I am working. Lol! In a more physical manner. But it is a good sign since I do not do many exercises now, so I guess I can alternate it with doing house chore.

The weather has been bloody hot lately, although we have occasional thunderstorm in the evening. But the heavy showers did not help much. I am sweating like hell. I guess partly because I am pregnant and with all those hormone changes etc, I get to be warmer. Hubby has cleaned up bedroom’s air con filter this morning. We see whether this will help to circulate the cooling air or not. And if not, then I guess it is the gas; shall get someone to refill the gas of the air con this weekend.

Besides the hot weather, I also encountered constipation. I understand that some pregnant ladies will encounter constipation? True or not? I ate lots of vegetables and fruits, but I still having some problems in passing my bowel. Sometimes nothing come out although I sat on the toilet bowl for few minutes. I felt bloated sometimes. Sigh!


lvynana said... 'ke lian', I dont have this prob during pregnancy, during confinement - yes..a bad one. Anyway you can try this :

Merryn said...

i felt pity for u even b4 reading ur post! hahahahaha.. i've not encountered constipation during my pregnancy, so dunno wat to advise u this time.. :) u take care.

Agnes said...

I have not encountered any constipation during my pregnancy so i'm also not sure what to advice u. Maybe try to eat high fibre diet.