Monday, April 13, 2009

Consume less sugar and sweet

I tried to give my little gal less sugar and sweet. So far she doesn’t crave or fancy any sweets although she does ask whether she can have them once a while. When I said no to her, she would not probe the issue further, because when her mummy said no, it means no.

But one thing that she cannot take “no” for an answer, is lollipop. When ever she sees lollipops in payment counter in supermarkets, she will insist she must have one of those. She even takes one and quietly put into the shopping basket without you realizing it. If she is with her grandparents, she will sure get one lollipop when she goes shopping. She never finishes a single lollipop.

Guess what? She is an avid iced tea drinker like her dad! It runs in their family. But she only drinks tea when we eat out. I tried to tell her that having too much sugar or sweet will spoiled her teeth and make her less pretty. So every morning she will obediently follow me to the washing basin to brush her teeth before off to school and at night before going to bed. When she relunctant to go to the bathroom, I will have to remind her of the dirty teeth. *wink*

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Merryn said...

i havent introduce lollipop to ethan yet so he doesnt know wat it taste like.. i'll try to delay introducing it to him as late as possible.. coz which kid dun like sweets rite? hahaha.. ur daughter can drink tea.. very good eh?