Friday, April 17, 2009

Exercising around

Super busy today. Making myself moving here and there, in and out of the house most of the morning. Why not? It has been a good day today with no rain although the clouds are slightly dark now.

Like mentioned in my previous post, I have some stinking smell in my car due to my little gal’s leaking. So finally this morning, I took the liberty to sniff the back of my car. Lol! I looked like a dog, sniffing on the seat. Luckily no smell on the seat! Yes! The stench was from the car mats, which I took out and wash thoroughly.

And guess what? My little gal gave me another bed-wetting incident early in the morning. Sigh! I just brought back her quilt from the laundry yesterday evening and she has bed-wetting again and hit her quilt again. Am not going to spend another RM10 for her quilt!! So, this morning, I washed my car mats, double-sanitized my car, brought out her mattress and quilt to dry under the sun and changed her bed sheet.

So regardless of all the washing, I am happy that my car is no longer that smelly, otherwise my friend would have make any comment this afternoon! Lol! Yes, managed to meet up with my friend for lunch. She did not make comment on any smell, so I guess I did good job on my car! *wink*

My friend is also pregnant. She asked whether I did any exercises during my pregnany. Telling you the truth, besides doing house chore, I did not have any proper exercises at all. I don’t think there is any yoga for pregnant ladies in Kuching. I understand there is special yoga for such in USA? So, this afternoon, I was browsing around the internet searching for suitable exercises for pregnant ladies and found this website. Simple exercise programme for pregnant ladies.


Kristie said...

good job mummy! :)

Merryn said...

when i was preggy, i did not exercise too.. was way to bz with work.. now, i wish i have time for some exercise though..

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Rose
Thanks for coming by my blog. A good prenancy exercise is walking. I did lots of walking during my 3 pregnancies, and delivery was a breeze!