Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Birthday and more birthday

Some more pictures of my little gal's birthday party last week. They are more candid and spontaneous shots of little gal. While her dad and mum were busy entertaining other guests and relatives, she was seen busy entertaining guests too. You can see in the below picture, she was ushering her little cousin around while the cousin's mum queueing up for food!

With her younger cousin

Both couldn't wait to get hold of the cake! What else, messing around with it. Lol!

The little cousin also celebrating the same birthday with my gal, i.e. on 28 April (which is today!). Both are like sisters, little gal would hold her cousin's hand and bring her around. Only 1 year age gap between them but they are simply adorable when together. So, the next night (Saturday) we went back to the same place, Fung Kwang next to 101 Choice Premier to celebrate her cousin's birthday. Little gal is nowhere in any of the pictures. Why? She didn't want to take pictures with the birthday girl! Funny!!

Birthday girl with older friends

2 year old cousin with her mum

This cold dish is simply delicious. Highly recommended.



lvynana said...

Never try Fung Kwang before, definitely will make time to go there.

amei79 said...

great to be a kid, got Mickey Mouse & Honey Pooh birthday cake to eat....^ ^

Lovely Mummy said...

happy belated birthday to your gal! :)

Constance Chan said...

happy birthday to your little girl, though it is belated.. she is so cute and smart.. and the cousin too looks alot like her... same hairdo... she must be playing big sister.. so cute