Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Half day only

Our friends were flying back on Sunday afternoon, so we were left with half day only to bring them around. We planned to venture into the city centre that morning.  Just the old part of the city covering Main Bazaar, Waterfront and across the river.

*from friend's facebook*

We brought them to Lau Ya Keng for Chinese breakfast.  One must not leave Kuching without eating our renowned Sarawak laksa. Our friends had tasted kolo mee the day before in Our favourite kolo mee shop, so now they must have Sarawak laksa and kueh chap.

Sarawak laksa RM6

Kueh chap

Kolo mee

I also couldn't resist a bowl of laksa that morning so I ordered normal size for all of us. They enjoyed the laksa so much and complimented on the broth. We even ordered another bowl of laksa broth for them. Not a single drop of broth left in their bowls!

After that we had a walk along the Carpenter Street to the temple across Lau Ya Keng then to old courthouse and waterfront.


Darul Hana Bridge 

We took a sampan (RM1 each) across the river. First experience for everyone but I did took it once before but back during my secondary school days.


We had few minutes view of the river and its surrounding before we had to embark to continue our walk to the fort. Some more, we took the wrong turning at first and had to walk back to take the right village road.

But along the way, we got to see the old Malay houses.
Wooden gate

After a long and sweaty walk, we managed to reach Fort Margherita. The cooling interior of the Brooke Gallery was a welcoming for us, away from the sun. We spent almost an hour in the fort.

*from friend's Facebook*

Entrance to the gallery

Then we walked back to the jetty to catch a boat back to the other side.

Chinese History museum

We had a quick stop at the Chinese History Museum in Waterfront before we went to get some souvenirs at the Main Bazaar and headed to our car.

Our lovely friends gave us a Sarawak kek lapis and a hati parek.

I love hati parek cake, a popular Sarawak cake. Main ingredient being the raisins, this black, sticky and sweet steamed cake is something like a Christmas pudding, minus the booze.

One of the closed shops in Main Bazaar

That concluded our short holiday in Kuching with our friends. Nice to go around and become a tourist in our own home. We could never stop discovering new things and new places in the place we called home.


suituapui said...

Ooooo...I see liver and intestines in the kolo mee. Yum yummmm!!!!

lina said...

As always, you always have a nice jalan-jalan too.

Nancy Chan said...

You are a great host! I am sure your friends enjoy the food and sight seeing to the max!

Phong Hong said...

Your friends must have enjoyed their holiday a lot!

Miguel Gouveia said...

wooow, seems to be an amazing day my friend :D So cool place!!!

I'm new GFC follower :D Hope you can follow me back :D

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Ann said...

Looks like an amazing place to visit.
The food looks really appetizing.


reana claire said...

You are very right~ sometimes the tourists know more than us locals, i tell you.. hahahaa especially food places!

Twilight Man said...

You are such a good host. With little time, you could still bring your guests around to see the town and enjoy the local food. It has been many years I have not eaten Kueh Chap.

When I was a student in US during the early 90s, I was so surprised to see the instant Kueh Chap being sold at the Chinatown in San Francisco! They were manufactured in Thailand and tasted almost the same as the ones in Penang.

mun said...

I will go for the Sarawak Laksa. Thank you for showing us around your lovely state via your photos.

Zurainny Ismail said...

yeah, you've got a good point. Amazingly, when we take visitors around our town, we would usually find new wonderful experience/place. Vice-versa. :D

Libby said...

You are a good host, you brought them to quite many places and taste the local food too

Sharon D said...

You are amazing to your guests, Rose xx
Yes, on the sarawak laksa and local cakes! Should we meet, I will insist on dabai and kacangma as well ...kakaka ^.^

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I go Kucing, you bring me go walk walk ya...