Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The old school

No. I am not talking about my old school or anything close to that topic. Going to talk about good food today.

When I used to work in my very 1st employment in the city centre back in early 2000, my colleagues and I used to eat at this corner coffee shop called Huan Loke Cafe (next to Tun Jugah Mall). This family-operated coffee shop serves good authentic Sarawak kolo mee and chicken rice. I had my breakfasts and lunches there for almost 9 years till everyone in the coffee shop knows my name and preferences.

Last Sunday, when hubby and I were on a short break in Kuching, we went back to this old coffee shop for brunch.

Of course the guys there recognised both of us! It felt nostalgia to go back and ate there. I even bumped into an old customer of mine there.

The guys are friendly and down-to-earth but they have their own weird work ethic. We got to be patient and wait for our food to come to our table.

Yes, the old school style of Sarawak kolo mee. I asked for the straight noodle and add red char siew oil. Looks good, right?

Hubby also requested for the straight noodle instead of the curly type but he asked for chopped chicken meat instead of char siew. Not bad too.

And we shared a bowl of delicious kiaw (dumpling) soup. That is how we call "pian sip" in Kuching. Kiaw in Hokkien dialect.

After we were done, we have a little walk at the same row of shops, glancing through old cameras display in Great Wall Studio and noticed at the end of the shop we have a new outlet. A self-service laundry centre. I understand this is the 2nd so-called outlet in Kuching after the 1st one in Main Bazaar.

Then we went to Foochow road to buy some sio pau (oven-baked char siew buns) in Hong Kong Puff Co to bring back to Sibu. These delicious darlings just came out from the oven!

Then we went home, did some house chores before took an evening flight back to Sibu to the arms of my children. ^^


  1. The chicken looks very chunky and delicious, I would ask for another plate of additional white-cut chicken, yummzzz.. A plate or little bit on top of the noodles is never enough..

  2. i love the food too.

    Uikds...so many pau ah...

  3. Ahhhhh!!!! The paos...all for me!!! Nom! Nom! Nom!

    Not too sure where this coffee shop is - the one right next to the cinema last time, now Tun Jugah? I can't remember what I had there before - very nice...kolo mee or chicken rice.

  4. I saw that those paus went into Arthur's tummy. Haha.

  5. The old school buildings too. ☺️

  6. The other day I saw a newly opened stall selling sarawak kolo mee, here in Taiping, will go and try some day....

  7. Oh yes the straight from oven char siew bun! love those! i'll remember to drop by after work there later. :-) and I know the shop ur talking about! the kolok mee 'merah' is splendid! goes really well with hot coffee. however susah mau parking, so sometimes only go there.

  8. The noodles look tasty. Those workers sure have good memory to remember you after so many years.