Sunday, July 29, 2018


22/7 was a public holiday and being Sunday, we had a replacement holiday the next day. We were celebrating our Sarawak Independence Day on 22nd.

On the evening of 22/7, we went for a river cruise. We got free tickets last year and haven't been able to utilise them till this month.

Hubby and I have been to the river cruise once. When Jan was a small baby. A private function of hubby's previous company. Now that we have 3 children, it would be fun to bring them and let them experience and enjoy the river cruise together.

So on that Sunday evening (thankfully it was a good evening with no rain), we were all aboard the river cruise and you could imagine how excited the kids were. They hardly sat long and kept wandering off. The Sarawak river cruise departed from the Kuching Waterfront at exactly 530pm. The whole tour took about 1.5 hours.

It may be due to holiday as the cruise was full with passengers, local and international tourists. The upper deck was packed with passengers as everyone wanted the best seats for the cruise. After a short while, we went down to the dining room to sit and enjoy the window view instead.
Upper deck was packed!

In dining room below

We were treated to endless filling of kek lapis and juice. Once a while we would moved around the room and upper deck, felt the wind blowing on us and absorbing the beauty of the places that we've passed through.

We caught the sight of the sunset while we were on-board. The light made the river turned into a prevalent golden rush; what a picturesque view it made. Something we don't get to enjoy and appreciate often enough as we are busy with our daily grinds.

Sarawak kek lapis

The Sarawak river

Fishing boats

Mosque under construction

Old Brooke Dockyard

Astana palace

DUN at the back; next to Darul Hana bridge

Someone's houses

Yours truly 

Beauty of sunset


Libby said...

Such nice photos you took and I like the last sunset photo the most!

Sounds like an enjoyable and wonderful cruise trip.

Merryn said...

This is such a wonderful trip. I bet the kids had loads of fun and wonderful memories to keep for a very long time.

mun said...

thank you for sharing all the photos with us.

suituapui said...

Free tickets? So nice!!! I would love to go on the cruise, relax and enjoy. Got karaoke or not?

Phong Hong said...

So nice! I would be excited too on a river cruise. Never been on one before.

Twilight Man said...

I look forward to cruise on this river someday. So far I have enjoyed river cruises at Melaka, Bangkok and Tokyo. The memories are good! I believe that your family would enjoy cruising from KL to Phuket and back too. It was fun!

Emily Tang said...

the last picture is nice!
1.5 hours journey is more than enough
Putrajaya one only 30 mins hahaha

Nancy Chan said...

I too would enjoy this cruise! Looks like a wonderful river cruise and you have taken very nice photos on your cruise.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

If me, I will sure enjoy the cruise...

Sharon D said...

Oo.. I will definitely sign up for this one should I visit Kuching again one day. What a wonderful experience!

The Yum List said...

Very nice. I love to be on the water when given the chance.

lina said...

Wah! What fun!

Zurainny Ismail said...

How wonderful! The views are truly gorgeous!