Friday, July 20, 2018

In comparison

It was a school day last Saturday so only me, hubby and Jamie went to Megabite Batu Kawa for breakfast that morning.

Initially we mulled over where to eat at that area as my man wanted to get a haircut at the nearby hypermarket. In the end, we decided to go to Megabite to eat something other than kolo mee in Nanyang Food Court.

I shared the mixed soup + noodle set with Jamie from the Supreme Prince stall. I enjoyed the fine Angel's hair-like noodle and soup very much. Worth the price, RM8 with livers, lean meats and other parts.

Hubby on the other hand, went for the kampua stall that morning. He ordered the mixed pork soup set too but it came out like this! They called that mixed pork soup??

RM7 for this set, the soup was totally unappetizing in comparison to my order. Hardly any pork in it. Crab meats, fish cake, meat balls, fish balls to few slices of livers and pork meat. Totally not acceptable. 

Some more the noodle had a smell to it. Hubby commented the water that they used have that stale smell. Maybe they didn't change the hot water, so it had smell to it when they cooked the noodle. In end end, he ordered a black soy sauce kampua (RM3.50).

Still, the smell was there. But bearable for my man as he added lots of chilli sauce to it.  He did complained to the stall owner on the smell. 

Never would we ordered from this kampua stall should we come here again.


mun said...

good that he complained to the stall owner so that he knows about the smell of his noodles.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Oh my..pity your hubby. He must be furious.

Libby said...

Sometimes if the food is not acceptable to me, I will complain and let the stall owner knows, but not everytime as sometimes not every owner can accept your opinion

suituapui said...

So much sauce, fail big time liao lor! Looks like wanton mee.

The Yum List said...

I'm very sensitive to smell. I don't think I could have eaten it if I thought it didn't smell right.

Nancy Chan said...

Oh yes, the customers will never come back again.

Królowa Karo said...

I am very sorry that you have met such a bad place.

Merryn said...

I love to have pork spare parts in my noodles too but hubby doesn't.

Oh, that is such a bad experience. I can't accept food with stale smell.

Sharon D said...

Seeing your hubby's mixed pork soup, I would feel cheated too! Lucky yours was yum ^.^