Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Lau Ya Keng

Lau Ya Keng  as in Teochew dialect or "old place" in English is not strange to Kuchingites as it is one of the historical places in old part of the city. When you say "lau ya keng", one would automatically think of famous Lau Ya Keng temple and comfort food such as kueh chap, and porridge in the old food hawker centre.

So, here is the famous Lau Ya Keng in Carpenter Street. It is actually a food centre, but in the past, they also had Chinese opera performances on the stage in front of this place.  I am not too sure they still have the stage opera or not nowadays.

This centre was built in between 2 rows of shops and you could see the windows on both sides of the corner shops.

Some of the stalls such as kueh chap, porridge and kolok mee moved into the next door shop.  I spotted the kueh chap stall first as it was just in front of this shop. A middle-aged lady was busy preparing food while taking order from customers.

So without hesitation, I ordered a small bowl of kueh chap (RM5.00) for myself.  Just some lean meat, beancurd and egg from me; no intestine or innard! For those who loves sweeter kueh chap broth, this is the one for you!

Then a guy from the nearby kuih stall asked me whether I wanted popiah, so I obliged.  A roll of popiah for RM2.50. 

The popiah was nice, fresh and spicy. Hubby actually ate most of the popiah since he did not ordered other food.  He is on diet now and cutting down on food intake. And it did made me extra guilty of enjoying my sinful food while he goes light. *wink*

And to complete our breakfast, we had lek tau suan!  Ooooh!  Sweet green bean soup topped with the salty yue tiaw is always a popular dessert during the olden time and now. 

Okay, since I seldom venture to this part of the world, it would be good to take a few shots while I were here! The view from our table!! That tall building at the back is Plaza Merdeka, a shopping mall.  You could see the arch from here too, welcoming people to the Carpenter Street!

And here is the famous temple opposite the Lau Ya Keng.

Hiang Tiang Siang Ti Temple


  1. Most of the times when I went back Kuching, my family always brought me to same place, Golden Arch, Hui Sing Food Stall but never this Lau Ya Keng. Perhaps if I'm going back again, I would request them to bring me here. Everytime I went back Kuching, sure gain lot of weight one "(

  2. So many delicious and cheap food in Kuching. Imagine we ordered 6 drinks for less than RM10 and I was indeed in state of shock cause in KK, 6 drinks at least cost RM15 and above.

  3. I love lau ya keng...but the problem is there are different things available at different times of the day. I can't jolly well stick around the whole day at this same place. Maybe if I stay longer, I can go on different days at different times.

    Wahhhh!!!! Your hubby is so disciplined. Caught a glimpse of him in one of your photos sometime ago,so thin. I would not be able to recognise him at all. LOL!!! Good, good! Keep it up, otherwise missus so thin, half his size only. :D

  4. I used to order kway chap without the innards too. I thought i was the only one who did that. These days when I visit Singapore, I always have kway chap with everything, innards, tofu, egg, duck. So good!

  5. If i eat kueh chap, me will be no 猪皮和三辰肉

  6. Long time no eat popiah, can't find a nice one at my hometown now...

  7. I have not eaten any authentic kway chap in KL, only in Singapore many years ago.

  8. Kuey chap & popiah ! Give me 10 pieces of popiah, I love it soaked with gravy!

  9. The lek tau suan is so different from those we have here. I have never eaten it with salty yue tiaw. I think I will try because I love both!

  10. This seems like the old town of Kuching!!

  11. I love popiah too
    I would love to revisit Kuching :D
    So many places yet to explore