Sunday, November 13, 2016

Back in time

We visited Fort Margherita yesterday. Since it is reopened after a period of restoration work.

It was a fine morning when we were there. And Saturday was hubby's birthday so the birthday man's wish was to visit the fort and he got his wish! Everyone got to visit one of the historical places in Kuching as well.

To go to the fort, you have to drive to the back of the old DUN building. Follow the road and you will reach the fort in no time. You could see the new DUN building on the right side of the fort.

So many photos I took at Fort Margherita but I would be sharing only some of them.  The fort was amazing, well maintained and everything felt so surreal.  It was like I were stepping back in time, during the colonial time with all those interesting exhibits, and the fort structure with solid wooden floor. You simply have to be there, so much to see and learn.

The receptionist was very friendly and knowledgeable. She was sharing with us some stories of the White Rajahs. 3 floors of exhibits in the fort and we also climbed up to the rooftop via the spiral staircases.

A bit of a challenge going up the narrow spiral staircases. It was hanging on the wall with a big pole supporting the other end. Nothing in between. Totally have that insecurity when I climb them. Cannot miss a step or I bet I would be tumbling down. Furthermore Jamie was too scared to go up or down. In the end, I have to carry him through the staircases all the way.

Fort Margherita, named after the Ranee of Sarawak (wife of Charles Brooke, 2nd Rajah)

Front view

The English-style white fort

Dum spiro spero - in Latin it means "While I breathe, I hope"

Opens daily including public holidays


James Brooke, 1st White Rajah

Sailed to Sarawak in Royalist

Where is the "bear"? To them, that was how Borneo looked like back then

Weapons from the Brunei Sultanate

Figurehead from the great ship, H. H. S Zahora

Flag of the Kingdom of Sarawak back then

The Kingdom of Sarawak's national anthem

Spiral staircases, one end attached to the big wooden pole while the other end onto the wall. Nothing in between! How secure would you feel?? ^^

Scary and challenging to climb up and down. At one stage, I have to crawl up than walking up. Lol

Rooftop overlooking the Sarawak river

The shooting range

Beautiful green

The park outside the fort

The thrill of walking on the planks overlooking outside 

Prison door

Fort Margherita's history

Hope you enjoy the photos. I would love to visit it again but when the kids are bigger. They may not understand or interested in the history now but they did have a good time walking up the spiral staircases and enjoying the warm sun and scenery there.


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  2. I really enjoyed all the photos. It is really a nice place. Very well-maintained. Happy Birthday to John again :)

  3. The spiral staircase looks scary. I won't climb LOL!

  4. Interesting place, reminds me of the Kellie Castle in Batu Gajah near Ipoh here.

  5. Interesting place to visit. :)

  6. Happy belated birthday to your hubby, dear! The place looks so serene & historical. Love to visit too! xoxo

  7. Interesting place to explore but not alone. The more the merrier.

  8. Such a beautiful and well maintained place, Rose. I would love to visit one day - nothing more fun than catching up on the history of our own homeland.

  9. Nice, Brooke Gallery, dunno when I will step my foot there.

  10. Would love to go there someday. But I don't think I can carry Amani through the steep staircases. Huhu.

  11. What a unique birthday wish. Good learning visit. You are so brave to carry Jamie up the spiral staircase.

  12. I used to jog around the area but never went inside the Fort.