Thursday, August 4, 2016

The taste and history

Continue from my previous post, we went to Kim Joo for our breakfast. It was slightly after 10am but the place was almost packed. Luckily we got the last table available.

As usual, I had my Kim Joo's noodle with cheng soup. How I missed them!! After a long time, they still taste as good as they are. Yum yum.

The cheng soup (with innards, meat balls, fish balls, pork belly, beansprouts, salted mustard and seaweed) never failed to warm my tummy. Sweet, sour and salty in one shot! Nice to take on a cold morning like what we had that day.

After our satisfying breakfast, we walked back to Kuching Waterfront. Since we were there, we decided to visit the Chinese History Museum. Believe me, I had never been there till that day!!

Entrance is free and it opens every day. So after registered ourselves, we watched a short documentary of how Chinese immigrants first came to Borneo and settled down in Sarawak.

After the documentary, we walked around the museum. I were sure I were not supposed to take any shots but here was what I (secretly) snapped.

I like this old feather duster. Very handy as a cane too.

That concluded our morning activity on Sarawak Independence Day. A nice way to spend this memorable day.


  1. I love Kim Joo. Nicer than Noodle Descendants and no need to wait for hours!!! So terrible that place, will never go again - nothing that spectacular.

  2. Feather duster, used as a cane to phiak phiak naughty kids when I was young. LOL!

  3. The feather duster brings a lot of memories. Hihihi

  4. So kim joo is the best place to eat kolo mee?

    1. Yes. One of the best. Few old coffee shops to try as each has their own taste.

  5. Indeed it is a day well spent.. thanks for showing us around too.. we are just a bit too far... :)

  6. Wow, the soup looks so rich & yummy! Have a good week, dear! xoxo

  7. I like salty and sour soup, very appetizing

  8. I need to visit Kuching again. I was there in 2007.