Friday, October 13, 2017


It is school holiday again. Deepavali holiday for the children and it means I am stuck with mine for the rest of next week.  Thankfully only 2 of them; the youngest has his classes in kindergarden as well as his assessment exam next week.

It wouldn't be anything relaxing during the school holiday as Jan and Jay have to study for the upcoming year end examination which is starting end of this month. So this Deepavali holiday comes at the right time and my kids can get some revision time at home. And oh boy, I could not wait for it to be over with! Then everyone can shout "Merdeka!" and really enjoy the rest of the year in good, joyial and relaxing mood.

Last Sunday, we had a relaxing time spent in the mall. We planned to catch a movie. Blade Runner. I went online to purchase the tickets while we had our brunch in the morning. 

Then we spent few hours at home before we went out around 1230pm to the mall for our movie. 

However our movie plan was not as we planned as the cinemas started to implement censory rules. Children below 18 are not allowed to watch any movies labelled "18". So after much consideration and explanation, we had to choose another movie to watch. Ended up we watched this Taiwanese movie "Turn around".

Surprisingly it was a heart-warming movie and I shed some tears through the screening. Everyone enjoyed the movie although it wasn't what we wanted to watch in first place.

Our initial movie plan was 2pm but we changed to this new movie time at 3pm. We had some times to kill so we went around the mall for a walk and shopping. I got myself new footwear. Not one but 2 pairs since it was on offer. Carlo Rino, 2 pairs for RM99. I thought it was a good price as I like the comfy and practicality of CR brand.

We did have our lunch before the movie. Kenny Rogers Roaster.  As usual, we had a set of its quarter roasted chicken and same tine we ordered 2 sets of its new dish. OMG unfried fried chicken.

A healthy alternative with less oil and guilt. Fried chicken but not deep fried. Surprisingly it was good, juicy and tender inside with crispy skin. Come with steamed fragrant rice and coleslaw.

After all the heavy intake of protein and carb, everyone wanted something light and sweet. So we ordered a serving of ice-cream for sharing. Now who got the cherry on top?? No prize for correct guessing. ^^


lina said...

What a nice outing.

Enjoy the school holiday! 😀

suituapui said...

I love Kenny Rogers! If only we had that here, no Nandos here either. Sigh!!!

reana claire said...

Really relaxing day for you.. love the shopping and the desserts!

mun said...

it was a blessing in disguise as I read that the blade runner movie is too long so it got boring the longer it gets.

Libby said...

The chicken looks good and tasty and I like your shoes, look very stylish and comfy

Nancy Chan said...

The chicken looks yummy! Nice pair of shoes! Enjoy the week long school holidays!

Phong Hong said...

I watched Blade Runner yesterday and enjoyed it. In my opinion, it is alright for kids maybe except for the violent bits.

Sharon D said...

That's a great bargain on the shoes. Looks great on you! ^.^
I plan to catch Blade Runner on Astro. It will take some time but I'm willing to wait ..haha

The Yum List said...

We went to the movies this weekend also - it was the first time in over a year I think. We saw the new Blade Runner. It was interesting. Very long.

ChrisAu said...

I’m waiting for the school holidays in dec!! Need to take leave and rest !