Tuesday, October 17, 2017


We celebrated my niece's 1 year old birthday last Sunday in simple but lovely theme in New Chef's Delicious restaurant, Penrissen road.

I could vividly remember when my bro's daughter was born. And how time flies. She is turning 1!

Born in the year of monkey, the parents decided to have a monkey themed setting for the birthday girl.

We celebrated her Chinese birthday instead of the English date. I liked this photo of her.

So pink, so subtle. And look at all the goodies! 

Cute monkey cookies

And the children (including mine) could not wait to dig into the goodies after the birthday song and candle blowing were done. Lol.

We rented a room with karaoke set but no one was singing other than my boys who were monkeying over the microphones earlier. 6 tables in total as we only invited close friends and sil's family.

One must have eggs coloured in edible red colouring on one's birthday.

And a nice and tasty spread of buffet prepared by the restaurant. I only took the shots of the dishes after everyone had their share. Apparently still lots of leftover which I did bring some home for the next day.

The fried noodle was a hit. First glance it looked like vermicelli but it was in fact very thin noodle. I enjoyed the fried rice although it looked rather unappetizing but the taste was otherwise. Black pepper lamb and pandan chicken were my other favourites that evening.

Fried noodle

Fried rice with raisin

Black pepper lamb

Sweet and sour fish

Roasted duck

Fried chicken wings

Mixed vegetables

Pandan chicken


suituapui said...

Kids these days are so very lucky.

mun said...

all the children must be so happy!

PH said...

Monkey is a very cute theme :) Quite suited for kids too. The food looks homey and delicious.

Libby said...

Those born in the Year of Monkey are very intelligent.

The pink monkey theme is very cute and pretty.

Green Thumb said...

Cute theme! I like the monkey goodies!

The Yum List said...

Very cute. I love the monkey theme.

Ez Vina said...

Same age with my god-daughter.

Food looks yummy.

Nancy Chan said...

Cute theme and cute monkey cookies! The food looks delicious!

lina said...

Wah! Such a nice celebration!

Blackswan said...

OMG, I want those monkey cookies too! xoxo

Sharon D. said...

Rose, any extra? Pass the Monkey cookies here .. ! They are so cute! ^.^

Merryn said...

Eh, I think I remember you mentioning about the birth of this niece too. One year already? Time really flies and she is so cute!

Imemily said...

so cute the monkey theme bday party

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your niece...