Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Feast of mooncakes

It has been raining pretty frequently over here. Look like the year end monsoon comes earlier this year. So it wasn't that easy to spot the moon in the clear night sky lately.

Last Saturday, we joined our local church's Mid-Autumn celebration.  It was our first time joining this annual event.  Surprisingly it was fun, especially for the children when they got to queue up and play some games to win prizes and walk around the premises holding their lighted lanterns under the cooling sky with hardly any sight of the moon.

Of course when it comes to Mid-Autumn, we must not leave out the mooncakes.  We bought some mooncakes to be shared last Saturday among the church members and families. And to our amazement, the whole tables were packed with many types of mooncakes. Some were bought and some were made by the church members. It was a feast of mooncakes for everyone.

Other than mooncakes, we had games, karaoke session, lantern riddles, chang-er prop photo corner, and everyone got to mingle around.

Sin Hian Chia that we bought from Emart

Lantern made from recycled stuff

Another recycled lanterns made from plastic bottles


Trying their hands on balls tossing


Displaying their lanterns

Actually it is not a customary for my family to have mooncake during this time of the year but if anyone is craving or requesting for it, then maybe we would get one or two to satisfy our tastebuds. It was so happened that I was in one of the supermarkets near my place few weeks ago and I spotted some Sin Hian Chia's mooncakes as well as other local brands' pastries.

In CS Minimart

In CS Minimart

More pastries


Traditional puff

Sin Hian Chia, the local traditional Chinese pastry, confectioneries, biscuits and mooncakes manufacturer and seller. Used to patronise the shop in Padungan road (next to Ihaw-Ihaw Pinoy, same row with Padungan police station) when I were younger. Loved its piah especially the sweet potato piah.

I can buy the mooncake individually rather than the whole box of 4 so after much thought, I went for 1 Golden Jade paste mooncake. Yup. Just one.

We ate it last week. Our first mooncake of the year before we joined in our church's Mid-Autumn gathering last Saturday.

Our precious-looking golden mooncake.  Lol.

Taste-wise it was alright but I don't really fancy sweet stuff, so I took a small slice of it.  Rather sweet to me. At least in line with our Chinese tradition, we enjoyed some mooncakes and celebrated it with others this year.

Just when I thought we have enough of mooncakes, hubby' staff and associates gave us some snowskin mooncakes. I love snowskin.

One gave us Yu-Ai mooncake set of red bean and durian snowskin mooncakes.

Another one is a homemade set of 4. Pandan and dragon fruit snowskin. Not that sweet. I like the pandan better. More flavourful than the dragon fruit.

Okay, I think I have enough of mooncakes to last me another year. Lol.

Happy Mid-Autumn!


suituapui said...

So nice, so very happening. I only had two of those expensive West Malaysian mooncakes - white lotus paste (RM16.50) and green bean paste (RM9.50). At the end of the day, they're just...mooncakes. I can have a lot of nicer things to enjoy with that kind of money.

The cheap local homemade ones or those from bakeries in Sarikei are not bad either...and very cheap. Around RM10 for 4, I would eat those to preserve the tradition. Can't eat too much, sweet.

No celebration for us, girl not home - in her school in the jungle. :(

The Yum List said...

Oh my goodness that sure is a feast of mooncakes!
I'd want to try a little slither of every single one.
I have this habit of not wanting to miss out on trying anything. As you can imagine, buffets and I do not do well together.

Small Kucing said... many lovely lanterns leh. Food galore. Hahaha... this year seems like everyone is celebrating it. Feels more meriah

Phong Hong said...

The lanterns made with recycled items are quite pretty. Wah, so many monncakes to eat. Nice to sample different flavors. I just bough 4 for myself today.

reana claire said...

Wow.. What a Big Feast!

mun said...

i cannot figure out lantern 1 is made from what recycle items because it looks like those bought from stores. must be a fun time for children to keep this tradition alive at the church mooncake festival celebration.

IreneC said...

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you and your family!

Merryn said...

I don't really fancy mooncakes as they are very sweet but in recent years, many brands have come out with low sugar varieties and they are much nicer in taste so I am back loving mooncakes :D

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you, John and the kids.

lina said...

Yummy mooncakes.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival.

Yvonne said...

Oh my! That looks like a massive feast of mooncakes- I would be tempted to try everything haha :) The lanterns look amazing too! Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

Nancy Chan said...

Happy Mid Autumn festival! So many varieties of moon cakes. It is fun to celebration in groups!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

This year, my home under Home Improvement Plan, so didn't go for any Mid Autumn Festival program...

Sharon D said...

Snowskin mooncakes are so pretty, Rose. Always in a pretty shade of colour. I am also loving the variety of pastries! So much good food on the table ..many I have yet to try.