Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hunting for food

With the current craze of hunting for Pokemon is soaring, I am still much interested in hunting for food. *wink*

One fine Sunday evening we went to Kuching Fest to hunt for food. As expected, it was so crowded and it made walking and ordering a tough task. We did not walked around and checked out the floral garden and the fun fair unlike what we did last year when hubby's cousins were here.

This year's hit - The Shit!! It is an ice cream pudding by the way

Kuching o' chien is one of the must-order

The kids were slightly grumpy because they did not get to play. After we bought what we wanted, we went home to eat.

O' chien (oyster pancake) RM11.00

Pork and chicken satays (RM0.70 per stick)

Jumbo sausage (RM7)

Fried noodle

Curry chicken with potatoes and beancurds

Just as we finished our dinner, my parents came over to pass us this yummy pack.  My girl's favourite crispy pata from Hong Fu, Sibu,  A friend flew to Sibu overnight and helped my dad to buy and bring the crispy pata over.

My girl couldn't wait to dig in so we had some for our supper before we called it a night. The next day I made a pull pork sandwich for hubby and myself while added some in his salad to be brought to his office.

My girl and I finished the pata that day. She was enjoying the pata. Hmm. Wonder any more flew-in pata anytime soon?? *wink*


lina said...

Wah! Sure a lot of hunting for you! LOL

suituapui said...

Now THAT sandwich, I would want - not the toast or bread or whatever in my post today and they are so expensive. Tsk! Tsk!

The Borneo Cultural Festival came and went - I did not go at all - cannot stand the crowd and the heat...and would have to park so far away and walk. No, thank you. Never mind how nice the things they are selling - I can live without all of them.

Sharon D said...

That's a nice haul, Rose! I would have gone with you if we lived nearby. ;D

Somewhere in Singapore said...

If Sharon D and you stays nearby, we could go together ya, hehe...

Phong Hong said...

What? The Shit??!! I tak lalu makan already LOL!

mun said...

I wouldn't buy anything call the sh*t either.

Nancy Chan said...

Eek! What a name! As if no other name to use! I wouldn't touch it. I love the O chien, satay and pata.

Merryn said...

Gone are the days I will go for all these. With two kids in tow, I try to avoid crowded places as much as possible.

I wonder why is that such a hit (the Shit ice cream pudding). I wont want to eat such thing >_<

Irvine Chin said...

yum yum. so jeles. so much delicious good but watch the calories!

haha the shit! would love to try.

Shirley Tay said...

I love hunting for food too, rather than spending time hunting for Pokemons. Hahaha! xoxo