Thursday, July 28, 2016

Stroll, see and shop in the market

One sunny afternoon when hubby was on leave, we decided to walk the market.  The MJC Pasar Tani is operating from the afternoon till night on every Thursday and Friday in the allocated parking space in Batu Kawah New Township.

I love to walk the market as I could see many things (some are exotic) and like any market, you could bargain with the vendors if you buy more. Products from vegetables, fruits, plants, jungle produce to fresh chickens, fishes and meats, as well as toys, clothings, ready-packed food etc, there is always something to buy. You wouldn't be going home empty-handed, that's for sure.

We had a nice stroll (minus the heat), and furthermore the kids seemed not to mind.  Maybe they were so looked forward to the ice-cream that they had the last time they visited here but the stall was not around that day.  Maybe the Malay vendor was still on Raya holiday.

We did some vegetables and meat shopping while we walked around.  Not many crowds so it was not so squeezed and we could walked around easily.  And I did snapped some photos while we walked.  Enjoy the photos ya?

Asam pelam and kuini

I forgot what this is called..

Jungle produce


Apam balik

Paus and other Chinese delicacies


Ice kacang

Smoked chickens??

From the sea

Horseshoe crabs

Ethnic jewelleries and decoration



Sherry said...

I missed Kuching a lot, dont know when will go there.
Was there when eldest son was 3 years old.

suituapui said...

Ooooo...buah emplam so cheap. RM10 a kg here!!! Bought that day, so nice, make sambal.

Phong Hong said...

I enjoy going to the market to see the variety of fresh vegetables and meat available. But I seldom get to go to the market. I mostly shop at the supermarket.

Nancy Chan said...

I haven't been to the wet market for a long time. Now I usually buy from the mini market nearby to avoid parking problem and traffic congestion.

mun said...

Thank you for the photos. Can see many fresh vegetables, seafood and chicken.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Has been sometimes since i went to the market as usually my groceries, etc, i buy from supermarket...

Libby said...

Malaysia Pasar Malam (market) are so much better and more varieties than SG ones

reana claire said...

Nice and fruitful family outing indeed! My kids never like to follow me to the market, only one would go cos have to carry whatever I buy.. :)