Monday, July 25, 2016

I like it

Colourful mural

I like it when it is a long weekend and everyone gets together and does some fun or activities as a family. And that was the case last weekend. It was a holiday last Friday as we celebrated Sarawak Independence Day for the first time in history.

Reading is part of weekend activities

We started off with a spontaneous walk along Kuching Waterfront to Main Bazaar and Kai Joo Lane. It was unplanned but a nice activity in the morning of our Independence Day. The weather was great (cold and windy after the rain) for some outdoor walk and sight-seeing. More in my coming post.

History walk

Guess what? On Saturday, I put on my baking hat and utilize my electric oven for this muesli muffins.  Didn't turned out as gorgeous as I wanted them to be.  Recipe is coming up soon.

Muesli muffins

I did some gardening too.  Got myself some dirt and sweat in the garden. I've done weeding my garden and trimming those bushy money plants; and I felt they look better and lovelier again.

A pot of money plant

This pot of money plant just been transferred into the house; placed on the counter bar as hubby said it is good "feng shui".

Flat sandals have been my preferred footwear since I have kids. And I just bought this new flat sandals over the weekend as my old pair was pretty worn out.

And this was my latest cooking.  Steamed chicken for the family.  Verdict? I liked it.  Will share the recipe in the next post.

Steamed chicken for dinner

How I wish we could have a long weekend all the time.  *wink*


suituapui said...

I had steamed chicken too - my friend's wife cooked...and I had muffins too or cupcakes - my ex-student made. So nice, no need to do anything, goyang kaki...and can get to enjoy! Hehehehehehe!!!!

Sharon D said...

Long weekends are the best. My activities are closely associated with food though ..haha. What a lovely time you had as a family. Yummy food too!

Yee Ling said...

I have the plant too at my home but I didn't know is called money plant.hhehe

Phong Hong said...

I also love long weekends. Your steamed chicken looks very yum yum!

Nancy Chan said...

I looked forward to long weekends when I was working. Nowadays, long weekends means Ipoh town will be crowded with visitors coming for Ipoh food. I love your steamed chicken, looks so delicious.

lina said...

Great weekend activities!

Merryn said...

Money plant is good. It also helps to clean the air around it.

mun said...

I like what you like in this post too. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I wish for a long weekend too. 😢