Monday, June 14, 2010

Nasty at night

As I was complaining about lack of sleep in my previous post, I realise that my Baby Jay is almost 10 months old now. In 2 weeks time he would have his JE jab. He has 6 teeth growing out; 4 on top while 2 big white teeth on his lower gum. What ever he can grab he will put into his mouth. So everytime we reached home, we had to make sure the living room table is clear and everything is out of his reach. Otherwise he will just speeding in his baby walker and grabbing everything in sight!

Now that he is growing, he seldom have longer sleeping time at night. Usually by the time I reach home after closing shop, he will sleep on my bed before I transfer him to his cot. Once a while hubby will bring him to the shop and wait for me till closing.

I noticed that Baby Jay tends to wake up frequently at night. Most of the time he is not hungry. Just cry for no reason. Or probably he just want to have a cuddle from mummy. I guess baby at such age more attach to his parent. However my Baby Jay is not afraid of strangers. He does not mind anyone to carry him! Gosh!

Baby Jay will wake me up at least twice or thrice a night. Some more he does not drink his milk that frequent at night now. Just tend to suck on the bottle nipple. Shit! There goes the milk! Wasted if hubby does not want to drink it. (Yes, he does drink the unfinished or untouched milk sometimes)

Once a while Baby Jay would not goes back to sleep but wail till I have no choice but to put him in between hubby and myself. There! After a while, he will doze off to sleep. Sigh! Threesome is a crowd in our bed, and now I am wondering when my 4 years old girl back from hometown, how we are going to share the bed together? Or maybe we would need to pull another bed for all of us?


smallkucing said...

Maybe he is just crying for attention as you must have been rather busy with the shop. Just wanna manja a bit.

Anonymous said...

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mNhL said...

Baby needs your smell. Don't worry. It is just a phrase....very soon it will be over. Lack of sleep is a mother's sacrifies. haha