Monday, June 28, 2010

Big goals

Managed to catch some highlights of 2010 FIFA World Cup this morning in Tabuan Food Court. Just could not believe that Germany youngsters trashed out the England team with a convincing 4-1 win and a passport to quarter final with Argentina!

During the match a very contraversial goal by Lampard was denied. Replay showed a clear goal in, but referee denied England a goal, otherwise the score would be 4-2. Nevertheless Germany played a good match and well deserved to be through into the next round. Not much effort from England and they defended badly. Which team you expect to win this year World Cup? During 2006, I supported the Germany team, but they did not through the final. And in the Final, it was a tough match between Italy and France which Italy won. I bet France to take the previous cup but alas! Italy won on penalty and Zidane, one of my favourite players were send off on his last World Cup match. As for this year, it is pretty hard to bet who will win. I will place my bet when there is only left 4 teams in the Semi!


reanaclaire said...

yes..i was surprised too.. though not a football fan but i know david beckham is a good footballer from england.. without him, no wonder cannot win.. :)

mNhL said...

My brother is a huge fan of football. He can wake up middle of the night to watch a match.