Sunday, June 13, 2010

In need of sleep

Not the world Cup fever, mind you. I got the sleepy bug in my body.....

Lack of sleep is the culprit. Some more most of the nights Baby Jay does not give me a good night sleep. So, now I look like a panda in the shop. Lol!

My life in the shop is like the ocean. One minute a big wave of people in the shop. The next minute, my shop is empty. I am short-handed (need to employ one more staff) and unable to serve all. I am cashier cum promoter. My staff has only joined a week and she is not familiar with the computer system. She is totally helpless with keyboard and could not type well, so not to mention which alphabet is where. Lol! Anyway, I will give her some more times to get use to the system.

Hubby is getting better with the system and he can help me with printing bills. However he would not be here to help most of the time as he got works to do and during the weekend, he is taking care of Baby Jay. Yes! The responsibility has swapped between us. He is taking care of Jayden on weekend and night. I take over when I am home. Hmm, why could not he continue till the next morning so I could have my much needed sleep? Lol!


Nick Phillips said...

It's never easy running your own business and having a family to take care, especially if you're a woman.

At least your hubby is pretty helpful :D

smallkucing said...

With shops are normally like that. THere always be a peak period where you will feel like you are an octopus. 8 hands also not enough