Friday, June 11, 2010

Little chat from my shop

I took a break last night. After been taking care of the shop 12 hours a day for almost 2 weeks, I finally given a much deserved break last night. From who? From hubby and SIL.

Since they want to close the shop on my behalf, I took off around 6pm, went to the hair salon upstair and have my hair washed. Great feeling. And a treat from hubby too! *wink* My head felt light and body much refreshed after a wash and massage by the shampoo girl.

New girl came early this week, but being only 20 years old she did not have much experiences and very shy. However she is hardworking when asked her to do this and that. I need to train her more to talk to customers. One more sales promoter wanted. It is hard to look for staff nowadays. Everyone want higher salary but expect less work and easy job. What are those young girls thinking about?

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smallkucing said...

most would want easy job. Hard to train people . haiz