Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bored of eating

Re-phrase myself! Bored of the food here.

Everyday I have been eating "tapau" from the nearby cafe. Not nasi lemak, then it will be salad chicken rice or fried rice. Boring! Unless the food is good then I would look forward to them, but sorry! Damn unappetizing and boring. Once a while I will simply just savor burgers, buns or waffles to fill up my hungry stomach in the evening. Sometimes I would tapau first before open up the shop but not much Malay food choices. I have a Malay staff so we only eating halal food in the shop.

So my clever hubby came up with a suggestion last weekend. To turn the storeroom into a mini kitchen. He has bought a mini rice cooker and a pack of rice. And he has been thinking of constructing a wall-mounted rack to put an induction cooker. A good idea but I am concern about cooking in the store room. I heard that induction cooker is safer than using gas cooker but the idea does not sound appealing to me than having eating take-away.

Anyway, wait till he starts to do something with it. For time being I have purchased a fire extinguisher. The food court and SCR are expecting to open next month so I hope not to eat the same food from the same cafe soon.


smallkucing said...

very thoughtful of your hubby :D

Merryn said...

ur hubs is such a darling. ME.. i'm bored of my own cooking.. lol.. nobody can help me NOW! :D

janice said...

hope ur storeroom has good ventilation.. otherwise.. the smell of those aftermath cooking.. is horrible.. :P