Sunday, January 31, 2010

1 month has gone

One month has gone for 2010 and tomorrow is another new month. February! February is a very short month. I love February. Why?

Because days in February pass faster. We get paid faster. And I love this year's February because Chinese New Year fall on 14 February. It coincides with Valentine's Day. Yes, another reason why I love February. Have you start or finish shopping for CNY and Valentine Day?? For almost the whole week I followed my colleague around Kuching hunting from one outlet to another outlet. I did not buy much. Need to save for my vacation.

Both of my parents' birthdays fall in February, a day apart. Usually I treat them to a birthday dinner but this year I would not be around to celebrate with them.

I would be going for a week holiday during CNY. So overall, I only work 3 weeks in February. Oh yes, I am so looking forward to February. *wink*


smallkucing said...

Happy Birthday to your parents and Happy Holiday to you :D

Gong Xi Gong XI

Nick Phillips said...

Yikes, time really flies doesn't it? I thought it was only just yesterday that it was January 1st.

Nessa said...

Hi Rose :)

I love February! All the months should be like February... hehe