Wednesday, January 13, 2010

After many months

Finally I get to taste my first Sarawak laksa after many months of "kio chui" (refraining from taking certain food). Since I underwent C-section end of August, I was not allowed to take certain food that may make my skin allergy. This morning, I went to Lee Cafe in Stutong for breakfast. It was raining this morning, so I need something hot to warm my cold bone.

Laksa has always been my favourite. The laksa was good. It may be not great (cannot compared to some of the famous laksa in Kuching) but for me, it was fine after many months of not tasting it. Now I just hope that I do not develop any allergy to it......


Zooropa said...

Can understand how great it was to have a bowl of laksa after stopped it for some months!


2crazydogs said...

Any laksa now I will sapu. Miss it so much!