Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Where is the slim silhouette?

Alright, I am slightly annoyed when my mum commenting on my tummy. Yes, I know. I have not lose much weight since giving birth more than 4 months ago. But what can I do judging from my tight schedule? Sis even recommended me to join LevelUp gym but I could not find the time. I know, I don't give such excuse as I can make the time but I am totally exhausted.

This afternoon when I went back for lunch at my parents' house, my mum commented on my excess bulges on my mid-body. Why I am not slimming down since I started working a month ago. All I can do is smile. *wink*

I grow broader on my hip and waist and I cannot fit into my jeans. Aaaarrrggh! Very frustrating. All my jeans are still in my wardrobe; abundant since early last year. I hope I could fit into them before my vacation next month. But what is the chance?? What the quickest way to lose weight?? Don't tell me to exercise and eat less, because like I said, I do not have the time to exercise. As for eating less, I am cutting down on carbs and eating less.

Hubby is also aiming to lose some weight. He is gaining weight again. I told you that he took some slimming pills last August and he managed to shield few kgs and inches, but now he is back to his original weight! Lol! So, both of us is determined to slim down together. We tried to cut down on meats and instead take more vegetables and fruits. Hubby has also developed taste for Hakka "Lui Cha". We quite like this Lui Cha from Top 10, Jln Song. We supposed to mix those ingredients with soup, but hubby dislike bitter soup, so we just mix them and eat it like that. *wink* Good for detox!

So, one of my new year resolutions would be to lose some weight, ideally back to my pre-pregnancy weight which was 52kg. :)


Dav DiDi said...

Well .. those beauty centre can sure help but for me, i don't really wants to opt for it ... the healthiest is still exercise .. lastime I use to give myself 101 exercise excuse too .. but once u sign up for one .. u have no choice but to go else you burn ur own money :( ..

I think its lack of exercise that makes u easily tired.. when i don't exercise, i feel tired .. but once i get back to exercise.. my body gain energy again ...

Cat Cat said...

I don't exercise. Never did and never will. Like you, where got time?

Try to skip breakfast. Munch on lunch and eat vegetable and fruits for dinner. Set your goal to lose ____ kg in 1 month. Boleh tu...!!!

mNhL said...

Eating less is not a good move because that might make u feel even hungrier and have gastric in the long run. But eating correctly might help. Like u are doing now, eat vege and fruits more and cut down on meat. Btw, lui char is my mum's favourite, but I don't know how to eat le.

eugene said...


Dont go slim down just because someone commented that you bulge,ya.

Just make yourself look good,slim or plus size, doesn't matter.

Why slim down,when you are stressed in doing it, right?

One can only look beautiful,if one strongly believe that one is beautiful, not by other perpective,

take care now

Mummy Gwen said...

I hope you achieve your goal. Eat healthily is more important..don't starve yourself.

princess said...

Eat healthy will slim you down....
Bulge does not mean anything... does you breasts reduce in size also or increase?