Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Big bowl of Sarawak Laksa

I have found the great laksa in the city!! Probably many Kuching people know this place and known this great laksa stall, but when I tried it out over the weekend, I immediately fall in love with it!!

This great laksa stall is in Tabuan Food Court, Tabuan Jaya. RM8.00 for special and RM4.50 for normal bowl. Don't be surprise when you see the size of the bowl if you are ordering its special!! What to expect for a RM8.00 Sarawak Laksa? In the big bowl, you will have yellow noodles or vermicelli with big and fresh prawns, clams, chicken drumstick and bean sprouts. The problem would be you have to peel the prawn shells yourself, while for normal bowls, you save times since they peeled the shells for you, but you would be expecting smaller prawns and smaller portion for normal price.

Laksa lovers, please try it out yourself!! It is the food court nearer to Wisma Wan, Tabuan Jaya. While you waiting for your laksa, you can take a glimpse or shop around for CNY goodies and decorations at the surrounding shops.


mNhL said...

The prawns really look huge. I like to eat with the shell still attach to the skin and peel my own. More yummy ma.

smallkucing said...

the prawns does look very tempting

lvynana said...

wow, RM8 for a bowl of laksa! I always order a regular.

Mummy Gwen said...

Wow..look at those prawns. This bowl of laksa really looks mouth watering.