Friday, January 22, 2010

My lucky car and tiring week

Hubby won first prize in Sport Toto last Sunday. And the money? He gave to me. Why? Because the number is my car's number. So it makes sense to pass the money to me for safe-keeping and a portion for me to buy new digital camera. *smile*

I only know that he won first prize when my mum told me this afternoon when I went back for lunch.

We haven't have time to hunt for new camera but it would be sometimes this weekend or next week. Too many things happen this week. I actually went to KL on Wednesday morning and came back late last night. I just finished unpack my luggage. I took an early flight (6am) with my SIL on Wednesday. Once we reached KL, we went to KLCC for shopping. Supposed to meet someone, but last minute cancel so we went shopping instead. Bought 2 sandals for myself and I spent almost RM600 for my 2 kids. So much for a day shopping.

Yesterday me and SIL went to do our thing. The purpose we went to KL. To meet up with the company and offer our services to operate shops in East Malaysia. So far everything is good but we have to wait for a week for a confirmation from the company. If everything goes well, I would be very busy after CNY!!


Mummy Gwen said...

Wah..congrats for winning toto. Hope everything go on smoothly for you. :)

Merryn said...

Congrats congrats :) Being busy after CNY is a good sign.. better than the rest of us here with nothing to better else to do.. haha

smallkucing said...

Congratulation. This year seems to be a very "Ong" year for you. Hubby winning toto and your new biz blooming :)

Nick Phillips said...

First prize? Congrats :D

Dav DiDi said...

Wahh ... First prize... 2.5k oh .. nice!

mNhL said... nice..won 1st prize. Doing own business? Wish you all the best.

Wen said...

lucky u!!!! we have not won anything ..yet.. :)