Sunday, January 17, 2010

That blue monkey

End of last month, three of us (hubby, little gal and myself) went to MBO for the first time to watch Avatar. We heard so much of the movie, so we have to watch it and judge for ourselves. The verdict? Superb work by James Cameron.

Last night my sis-in-law treated little gal to Alvin & The Chipmunks and she could not stop talking about it this morning. Before she went to MBO with her aunt, I told her first that her aunt is treating her to a movie yesterday.

Me: Remember we went to The Spring to watch movie??? MBO cinema??
Little gal: Yes. But I don't like the movie. It is not nice.
Me: Mummy love it. It is nice.
Little gal: No. I don't like that blue monkey story.
Me: Huh? Blue monkey?

That is to show that what great memory our children have. I am impressed that she still remember how Avatar looks like. Alright, it is blue in colour. Er monkey? Maybe because it has tail. *laugh*

So this morning, I asked her about Alvin & The Chipmunks movie....

Me: How is Alvin & The Chipmunk?
Little gal: Good.
Me: You like it?
Little gal: Yes.
Me: They sing and dance.
Little gal: Yes.

So, there. She can be a movie critic now.


mNhL said...

ya ya...heard avatar is a great movie. but i've not watch that yet. btw, smiled.

smallkucing said...

or maybe become a great director one day

onlinewriter said...

How old is daughter? i enjoyed her comments about Avatar hehe.My 8-yr old daughter loved it. =)