Saturday, November 7, 2015

Hello Saturday with a song

Hello Saturday, everyone! Yes, I know, I am kind of MIA this week but I am back to blog again. Is my blog growing mushrooms after few days of inactivity?? 

Been busy as usual with kids' schools, afternoon classes and finally the girl has finished her school exam this week. Time to relax this weekend.

Bought Jan the current colouring faze few weeks ago and she has been counting to the day she could get her hands on colouring it! I bet she would be handful for the next couples of weekends.

Wish I could do nothing at all on this lovely Saturday! If only it is that simple! 

Already prepared my lunch. Since we had a hearty breakfast, lunch would be simple for me and hubby. Salad! There was some leftover grilled chicken from dinner so will mix the grilled chicken with the salad; and our simple lunch is ready!

After our breakfast this morning, we went for a little shopping. Saw some Christmas decors, so bought few ornaments for our tree. Could not wait to get some more and decorate our tree soon!

I am planning to do few scheduled posts this afternoon. If the little one does not disturb me. Only his older siblings or the help of iPad could entertain him for a while. *wink*

And I found this photo of beautiful jasmine in my photo folder. Lovely isn't it? I love its small white petals and mild scent. The flower reminded me of the beautiful rendition of Jasmine Flower by Kenny G. 


Reanaclaire said...

Wow..your kid can play iPad at his age now? Very smart boy.. hahaha... yes, can keep him fascinated for a while if not longer... so school hols have started? Parents can lega now, I can remember that I looked forward to each school ends, no more stressing over them esp. during exams! :)

Anonymous said...

I know this Kenny G song but I did not know the title. I guess it is originally a Chinese song, sounds oriental.

Wahhhhhh!!!!! Little boy can play ipad, me old dinosaur kalah lor....*face palm*

Diana Diane Teo said...

Guess nowadays not only students and teachers are looking forward for school holidays but parents too. Hehehe

Linda said...

Dear Rose, your photos are lovely and the song is so beautiful! I have always loved Kenny G and this video warms my heart. Thank you so much for sharing.

Nancy Chan said...

Lovely and fragrant jasmine flowers. I have always enjoyed listening to Kenny G.

Merryn said...

Maybe you can consider planting jasmine at home? Gosh Ayden loves playing with the tab too but I always restrict him otherwise he'll be addicted to it.

Popuri said...

Hello Rose,

I read your 2012 post about mdm Sue, therapist in kuching. Can you tell me where can i find mdm sue?
My son is 2 years and 6 month and having language speaking difficulties.

Thank you


Rose world said...

She operates Therapy Playroom. I think you could google her contact number as I do not have it anymore.

Her centre is on 1st floor. The shop is not facing main road so you need to drive in. It is facing Dogan Estate 88 Townhouse. So you got to turn into that road (right is 88 Townhouse and left is the shops). The 1st turning on your left and you could see the centre as it is the corner shop (1st floor).

Hope this information is helpful. Good luck.

mun said...

The weekend is now over. Hope you and your family had a good weekend. I do not know Kenny G's music by name so Jasmine Flowers does not ring a bell. Jamie is such a big boy now playing with iPad.

Lee said...

Hi Rose, just dropped by say hello. How you doin'? Interest post...and love those jasmine flowers. Great scent.
Your little one has a cute haircut...looks a little tough guy too.
Have a great week, keep a song in your heart.

Princess Ribbon said...

My Saturday ahh? Usual.. Hubby works half day, I stay home takecare kids, then go AEON for household shopping, then to MIL's place for dinner.. hehe..

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Saw places, now they are doing the christmas decorations in the mall...

Popuri said...

Thank you so much Rose 😊