Thursday, November 12, 2015

Our big man's birthday dinner

Happy birthday to my dearest! He is turning 38 today!!

Over the weekend, the big man was been treated to a nice birthday dinner in this super chic outlet, The Swing Factory. I have bought a Groupon voucher for this dinner a month ago.

The Swing Factory is located in the new row of shops called S3 Curve, Jln Simpang Tiga (same row with France Taipei Bridal Palace).

The Swing Factory is on 1st floor so you could either walk up the staircase or use the elevator up. On the foot of the staircase, you will see what is its today's special blackboard.

I made a table reservation so we were ushered to our table directly. A golf ball on our table. Number 3!

The Swing Factory is one and first of its kind in Kuching. Its unique feature and attraction are the indoor e-golf simulator where you could learn to swing and get some tips on golf. So, good news for the avid golfers, you can take the swing any time, any day, rain or shine.

The simulator while not in use, they broadcast live news

And while you play your round, you could enjoy good food and drinks in its sports cafe. This pork-free cafe is worth visiting as it offers a wonderful dining environment to its patrons. Some more,  they serve alcohol here.

I loved the way they incorporate the golf bag on these tall tables.

Check out the food that we had last Sunday!

We ordered 4 main courses and I have to admit, I were impressed by the flavours.

I went for spaghetti carbonara and I loved it! It was creamy, delicious and the portion was just nice.

The birthday man had this lovely chicken chop. Now he is more health-conscious and cutting down on red meats, so we went "white" that evening.

He loved the tender succulent chicken and creamy smooth mashed potato underneath it.

Another chicken dish we had was this chic cordon bleu. I am never fond of this deep-fried stuffed breast meat but I had to say, this chic cordon bleu was quite delicious. Meat was not dry at all. It was moist and soft.

Kids enjoyed the fish N chips. Never wrong with this platter.

The Swing Factory. We had a wonderful birthday dinner there. Cozy dining place and the food was good.

We did not take a swing that evening as it was occupied that time. In case anyone interested, it is RM30 for 30 minutes per game.

Overall I paid RM88 for the 4 main courses exclusive of drinks because of the special groupon voucher. Normal price would be RM140.00.

It seemed a bit expensive but with a positive and nice dining atmosphere, good and friendly services and great food, I wouldn't mind pay more. I think it is an awesome chill out place for friends and family. 


Small Kucing said...

Happy Birthday to the "Boss" . A bit expensive but everyone happy okay la...

Princess Ribbon said...

Happy birthday to your hubby.. I used to like chicken cordon bleu, with the cheese & ham inside.. But the chicken cannot be tough, else, not nice.. Love your chicken chop & carbonarra, all my favourite !!

suituapui said...

Ohhhhh!!!! No wonder it's called swing. My missus had chicken chop here yesterday, cheap one. Maybe we would try the cordon bleu another day, saw that on the menu too. Blog on that coming soon.

Happy birthday to your now-not-so-big man!!! LOL!!!

Linda said...

Dear Rose, Happy Birthday to your hubby! I have had spaghetti carbonara, it is very good! And the chicken dish looks delicious, too! :)

Azura Chan said...

Happy Birthday to your man! Nice place.

Emily Tang said...

I thought free play in the restaurant for all patrons
anyway happy that you have a great time there

Nancy Chan said...

Happy birthday to your big man! Very nice, comfortable place. And the food looks yummy!

Libby said...

The chic cordon bleu looks good, in fact all the food look good

Libby said...

Haha I like the words on the wall, take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time...well said

Libby said...

Happy birthday to your hubby

Merryn said...

RM88 is okay wor I think. Happy Birthday to your hubby.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your hubby...

Sharon D said...

Belated Birthday greetings to your hubby, Rose. :D