Thursday, November 26, 2015

Enjoy safer, healthier and tastier food

I cook at home mostly on weekdays. I enjoy cooking for the family and when they eat what I cook, I am a happy wife and mother! 

I love to experiment with ingredients, creating new recipe with different and robust flavours. To have tasty yet healthy food on the table, I would go for fresh ingredients. I go to the wet market every 3 days so I have fresh ingredients in my fridge and freezer.

Everytime I am back from the wet market, I would sort and wash them before storing them properly in my fridge and freezer. And let me share with you one great and useful product that I have in my kitchen. This wonderful product helps me to ensure the freshness and cleaner food I cook for my family.

EnviroHome Food Wash.

All my meats and seafood would be washed and soaked in EnviroHome Food Wash before being kept or used in cooking.  I wash my vegetables and fruits with EnviroHome Food Wash too. I even soak my rice with this product before I rinse and cook in the rice cooker.

You may ask, why all the hassle of washing and soaking in EnviroHome Food Wash? Well, do you know that the food that we consume nowadays may somewhere or somehow exposed to harmful contaminants such as fishes in the ocean may contain harmful mercury, or chickens and cows are injected with hormones so they could grow faster and bigger?  And not to mention the high content of pesticides, and herbicides in your vegetables and fruits that you bought from the markets. So what do you think would happen when you eat those meats, fishes or vegetables??

Fret not, now you could also enjoy your food with peace of mind and worry-free. EnviroHome Food Wash is Malaysia's no 1 food wash and this non-chemical food wash breaks down pesticides, wax, insecticides, bacteria, preservatives and bleaching agents with non toxic and 99% biodegrable formula. It helps to preserve the freshness, extend the cold storage time and enhance the taste of the food.

How to use:
Apply 1 or 2 pumps of EnviroHome Food Wash into a basin of water. Soak the vegetables, fruits, seafood or raw meats into the solution for 2 - 3 minutes.  Rinse well with flowing water if needed.

Now you can  also enjoy safer, healthier and tastier food on your table with this great product. Interested to know more? Be a fan at EnviroHome Facebook page or visit EnviroHome official website.


Hayley said...

You also blog about this brand ya? Hehe!
Sounds like really not bad!

Nancy Chan said...

I have not tried with meat yet.

ChrisAu said...

Yes, it's a good idea to wash away the chemicals from the fruits or vegetables. I saw something like this in Jusco too.

mun said...

Good to eat fresh food. This food wash sounds very useful.

Anonymous said...

Oh? I never wash food for storage, would only do it prior to cooking. I should do it kah? Hehehehehe!!!!!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Usually i wash prior to cooking... Same question with STP, should wash food for storage?

Rose world said...

I soak and wash using food wash before I store. It keeps the food fresher and longer storage.

Princess Ribbon said...

Wah, after the baby head-to-toe, now got food wash/detergent also.. Nice leh, so many varieties for this brand, complete household use leh..

Sharon D. said...

Sounds like a great brand! I wash my all my fruits and vegs religiously too. :D