Saturday, July 6, 2013

Weekend Menu #50: Simple Steamed Frogs

We wake up pretty early today because my girl has a parent-teacher day in school. A chance to meet up with her class teacher.

It has been raining in Sibu since last night and the rain continue till late afternoon. We arrived at the school around 7am and after a chat with her teacher and collecting list of activity books we went to a Muslim cafe (opposite Wisma Sanyan) for breakfast. Shall post on that later.

After breakfast we visited hubby's grandparents and spent 2 hours plus there. After lunch at grandparents' house, we went to Rejang bookstore to purchase books. Because we wake up early today everyone agreed on going home for afternoon nap. We slept like logs then.

I cooked dinner in the evening. My SIL and her hubby joined us for dinner. My MIL kept some frogs in the freezer and keep on reminding me to cook them. So I cooked a batch tonight.

I used to eat frogs when I was small. I like Batu Lintang ginger and soy sauce frog dish. It has been a long time since I dined in Batu Lintang, Kuching. As for my frog I shall follow my MIL's recipe of steaming them.

Just de-skin the frogs and cut into small size. Add a bit of water, some sliced ginger and salt  steam for 15-20 minutes undet medium heat. My kids can finish the soup without much coaxing after I telling them you can jump and be strong like froggies. Lol.


Sharon said...

Hah! One of my favourites, but I've never attempted to cook it on my own yet.

This looks pretty yummy! ^.^

suituapui said...

Eyewwwwww!!!!! No, thank you. LOL!!!

mun said...

Long time I did not eat frogs but I don't dare to de-skin them myself. Usually just eat them in restaurants. Your husband's grandparents must be very happy to see you all.

mNhL said...

my favourites! Love the kong po style and ginger onions stir fried. Aaaa.....making me craving for some now.