Saturday, July 27, 2013

Breakfast @ Cafe Cafe

We went to Breakfast Cafe cafe in the city centre this morning for brunch with a friend who came back from Kuching. I enjoyed my first time there. The taukey was friendly and kept recommending us some of his dishes. Food is slightly pricey but I think it is pretty normal for a fuision cafe. I would definitely come back but maybe once a month? Cannot afford to dine every week of course. Lol!

It has interesting decoration and set up and menu set. We seated outside, so I did not took any picture of the interior. But here is the operating hour of the cafe.

I had its Sarawak Laksa.  Not too bad.  Very creamy and it tasted more like laksa curry. RM7.80.
We also tried its Mee Suah. RM8.80 per bowl.  Rich with red wine.
We also ordered its Kompia with stewed pork.  RM3.80 for 3 pieces.  I don't pretty like its 5-spices and sweet taste but hubby enjoyed them very much.  I tasted one kompia only.

Wanna taste my wet kompia??


Hayley said...

Mee suah looks yummy!

Have a wonderful weekend!

mun said...

I like to eat mee suah so the mee suah really looks delicious with red wine. Yum! Yum!

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

The taste may be nice but I think the presentation is a bit uninteresting.

suituapui said...

YOU WERE THERE???? What time? I was three around 8.30-9.30.... Love the savoury pancakes with bacon! Soooooo nice! I had the mee sua before, very good too...and the sio bee/siew mai - best lah!!! You must order those next time. I prefer the steamed ones, the pan-fried ones...not so.

Rose said...

Arthur, we were there around 10. :)