Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lesser than before

Used to have a lot of pigeons when I first came to Sibu.  But the authority caught them away and fined those who caught feeding the pigeons, so the flock is getting lesser and less imitating.  

In the past there was a bigger and fatter flock and you would have to walk in the shop corridor to avoid them flying above you.  Their poo is not hygienic to human body, I understand. 

This picture was taken on one aftenoon after my girl fed them with her leftover rice.  (oooppps!)  But pity the birds too.  They are just to get used to human feeding them that they are lazy to find their own food.   They are too dependent on us to feed them.  And from my SIL, I learnt that some shop owners still feed them but in discreet way; so they would not be caught red-handed.  *wink*


Hayley said...

Oh poor pigeons, got caught! ;)

mun said...

Wow! So many pigeons. Where are their nests?

Rose said...

Now lesser. They flew to the surrounding buildings and stay there. When I first came here I were not used to them that I have to carry umbrella when going round. Worry they shit on you! Lol

suituapui said...

They feed them openly in the early morning. Still lots of them leh? Hot afternoon, sure they'd all go and hide...and sleep. Look up...all along the ledges of the shops/buildings.

The area around my house - lots of them too! I think one shop owner in the next lane used to rear them but he moved...and left them behind to fend for themselves. People say the shit is not good..., healthwise. I wouldn't know.

Shirley Tay said...

Pigeons are a nuisance. Funny how I used to enjoy during my days in London. People just love to feed them & be surrounded by pigeons. Maybe it's a tourist thing? Lol!