Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hunt for food in Pedada

Our food and shopping adventure continued on Sunday morning.  Everyone woke up late on Sunday morning and by the time everyone was ready it was almost 10am.  I don't usually cook breakfast on Sunday so it is a dine-out every Sunday morning.  *wink*

My SIL recommended us to try out the food stalls in Chopsticks in Jalan Pedada, so we paid it a visit on Sunday.  The chicken rice is highly recommended and true enough, the roasted chicken and roasted pork rice was delicious.  Oooopppps!  Sorry,  forget to take picture of the rice, because my hubby and girl were too hungry and cannot wait for me to take picture of their chicken rice.  The chilli sauce dipping also not bad.  I tried few slices of roasted chicken and roasted pork; they were delicious.  Not too dry.  Even hubby who doesn't like roasted chicken also commented that the rice was delicious. 

I ordered kueh chap.  Luckily it was not disappointing because I like the scented soup and its tender kueh.  For me who doesnt like strong herb soup, this kueh chap tasted great. 

After our hearty breakfast, we went to Delta Mall which is a block away from Chopsticks.  We went to Popular Book Store to hunt for my girl's book list but it was not available there.  Since we were there, we have a walk around the mall.  Hubby bought a pair of tracksuit from Lea Centre.  He has been very hardworking and wake up early to go for a walk and jog every morning after sending the girl to school.

While he was busy in Lea Centre, me and kids stopped by this snack kiosk for some food.  As usual my model girl always ready to pose for picture, so I could not help but take her pictures.

She was patiently waiting for her peanut butter waffle to be ready.  Finally she can enjoy her waffle after one week of not eating it!  Lol!

Assortment of sushi for take away.

Different Takoyaki for customers' selection

Noticed all the food is priced at RM2.80 (except waffle).  I bought a cup of sweet corn, 1 peanut butter waffle, 1 pack of cuttle fish takoyaki and 6 packs of sushi, and it costs me RM22.10!  After our grocery and food shopping in the Marketplace, we had our light lunch from this snack kiosk in my SIL's shop. 


Hayley said...

The kuey chap looks good! And I also love waffle, my favorite! Hehe~

suituapui said...

Chopsticks - my favourite chicken rice place in town. I particularly love the rice! Stuff from the other stalls, not to my fancy.

mun said...

Mmmmhhhh, the kueh chap looks yummy! I don't think can find kueh chap in KL.

Merryn said...

I dont think I've ever tried kueh chap. Looks yummy!