Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bye July, Hello August

To me, July is a long month.  No holiday and it is almost a 5-weeks month!! Nothing exciting happening in July.  It is a month full of sickness, crying and haze over here.  Everyone in the family was sick at certain times; kids having some crying moments going to school and hazy weather in Sibu from time to time.

Life is slow over here.  I am getting lazy as my due date is about 2 months away.  Everyone is doing fine and settling down well here.  The people is great and friendly over here and I make a few good friends too.  And not forgetting the good food.  Really enjoy the cheaper price of food in most places, and although we have been here for a month now, we still feel flabbergasted by the food price.  Just could not believe our eyes and ears.  *wink*

August is coming and how I love August.  A month of celebration!!!!

School holiday is in 2 weeks time and my parents and sis will be coming over to visit me during Hari Raya holiday!  Missed them!!

There are birthdays to celebrate in August too.  My birthday and my Baby Jay who is no longer a baby. He is turning 4. And  our very first birthday celebration in Sibu and maybe my MIL will come over and celebrate together. She told us she never get to celebrate Baby Jay's birthday in the past and since we are in Sibu maybe she can pay us a visit. MIL's birthday also fall in August.

So it is going to be an eventful month over here. Happy August everyone! Cheers!


Ez Vina said...

Cheap food?!
Ya, I know, food are great in Sibu, envy you.

mun said...

Happy month of August to you and your family too!

Libby said...

Happy August to you and your family too! I love August because I am going overseas and Singapore's National Day is on the 9th of August, full of celebrations!

suituapui said...

Birthday? Got party? Not inviting me kah... Sobssss!!!!! LOL!!!

Coffee Girl said...

U moved to Sibu so soon? or just until the baby is born? waiseh... everyday eat kampua mee and kompia. lucky you! You take care there Rose. :-)