Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Miscellaneous Picture #5: On my feet

Since pregnant I have been wearing comfortable footwear.  I enjoy wearing ballet flats and sandals.  This is what I am currently wearing.

I bought this in Kuching before I flew to Sibu.  Only RM19.90.  I could not resist it because of its front bow; they are cute.

For special occasions or dinners, I will wear this low wedge shoes

I bought this black heels for Chinese New Year but I did not wear it because I found out I were 2 months pregnant by CNY, so the heels has been in the shoe cabinet since then.  Maybe I can wear it for next year's CNY??  *wink*


angeline ong said...

Shoes... I like to see, buy and wear... hehehe

mun said...

Comfortable shoes - very good. I find it difficult to find comfortable shoes.