Saturday, July 13, 2013

So and so after 2 weeks

Even now after 2 weeks of moving here, I am still not done with the unpacking.  Trying not to move things much while pregnant, or I will definitely get yelled for doing so.  Hubby is busy with his new office and he has been travelling the whole week this week.  On Tuesday he gone to Sarikei to visit a branch and then flew back to Kuching for 3 days for branch orientation. He will be back this evening.  While he is gone, my SIL and her hubby came to stay with us and keep us company.
First week was a tough week.  My eldest was sick; she was down with cough, flu and fever but after 2 days of medication, she has recovered.  My boy was having his school blue; did not want to go to school every day.  I myself also not feeling well, with sore throat and flu.  The room's air con was freezing although we adjusted the swing and temperature higher.  Talking about old air con model, the room air con is very efficient!!
I went for my monthly pre-natal check up on Monday.  Gaining another 2kg and my weight is 58kg now.  I was heavier going into my other pregnancies, so everyone was commenting that this round, I did not gain much weight. 

I have learnt to drive around Sibu.  Mostly every morning I would be spending time with my SIL in her shop and then afternoon went to pick my daughter from school.  Afternoon, we will stay at home and then cook for dinner before picking my son from kindergarden.  He has been in the afternoon care starting this week.  He is doing fine although almost every morning he will cry a bit when reached his kindergarden.   Since this Wednesday, he has not cry and have gone to school without any drama.
I also managed to catch up with my cousin who has been residing in Sibu since married.  She is a teacher in one of the primary schools here.  It has been more than 10 years since we met.

Today I am starting my first tuition lesson to a Primary 5 boy.  English tuition for 2 hours in afternoon.  The parents prefer one-to-one basis for their son, so I am offering my service to them. 

Sorry if I do not have much time blogging or blog hopping to your blogs.  Do not have access at home.  Only able to online when I go to my SIL's shop or at night with my iPad.  :)  Till then, have a great weekend, guys! 


Hayley said...

Hello! Hope you're doing fine there!

Hmm where is everyone? Why no comments one? :p

Yea, don't do too much harsh works during pregnancy, take care!

Ez Vina said...

Wow.. You sound very busy.

mun said...

Take good care. May all of you have a good weekend too! Ya, don't do heavy lifting work. No sweat, just blog hop when you can. :)