Monday, July 29, 2013

Feasting in Hong Fu

Coming to Sibu is not without feasting!

On a nice Sunday evening we went to Hong Fu seafood restaurant (the shop opposite Medan Mall in Jalan Wong King Huo) for a family dinner. Invited my SIL and her hubby along. My hubby said its pork's trotter was great so we ordered a medium plate. The pork was crispy and delicious with its skin browned to perfection outside but nothing can say much about its meat. The spice did not reached the tender meat but I still enjoyed it with its sweet dip. Not a total failure.  RM36 for this dish.

We also ordered its sambal belacan midin. RM10. Very crunchy midin and super yummy belacan.  And under the staff recommendation we had its signature fried taufu with minced meat. Very appetising. My kids enjoyed the gravy very much and finished up their bowls of rice that night.

I don't know what this sea snail called but the last time I had this was in Sabah about 10 years ago. The snails in Hong Fu were very fresh and I had a lot because I enjoyed its special dipping. I believe they added fermented bean paste to the dipping. Very overwhelming taste but I still enjoyed this dish very much. Our plate of snails cost RM18.00.  At the back of the restaurant, we could see few rows of aquariums of this sea snails and other sea fishes.   

Last but not least the herbal chicken. Taste-wise it was okay.

We did not ordered crabs for dinner since my SIL does not take crabs.  We shall try its crabs next round.
Overall we enjoyed the dinner very much. The service was pronto and pronto.  It was packed on Sunday evening although we had rain that night.  The food came within 10 minutes after we ordered. See how fast they served? And the tab? Plus drink the dinner is RM110.70. Very cheap. 


Hayley said...

Looks like midin is quite popular a East Malaysia?

The chicken looks yummy!

Ezvina said...

never had the snails before.

mNhL said...

would love to try the snail !

suituapui said...

They say the crabs from the farms in Lawas or They say everything's cheap there but I would not go there - so crowded, have to fight for a table. They've extended to the whole of upstairs maybe, it is not so bad anymore.

mun said...

I have not eaten snail like that before. How does it taste like? Texture?

The price is very affordable indeed. Good meal!

Jas said...


Yee Ling said...

oh gosh..the pork trotter is slurping delicious!

Sharon D. said...

By golly, the food looks amazing! I wish I weren't so far away!