Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It is March already!

Yeap, it is just to let you know that 2 months of 2011 have gone. Now into 3rd month.

I could not believe that March is here. And it means I would be busy again. Not at the shop, but with my family's matter. Renovation for the new house should start soon, but so far no sign of works done in the house. Hubby said we would be moving into new house this year, so I guess the contractor is taking his sweet time. Not much to be done anyway, just some extension works and fixture works.

It is time to hunt for little girl's primary school. Since my staff are doing alright in the shop, I would be able to go out and do my personal stuff. We are still deciding on her school. Headache thinking about it. Either we place her in the primary school near our new house (which is really near, about 10 minutes walk) or I have to drive all the way to Tabuan (about 20 - 30 minutes depend on traffic). Definitely a Chinese primary school, just have not decide which one yet. Hmmmm.....Distance, time and other factors need to be considered. I am thinking of not putting her in baby sitter anymore when she is into primary school. So I would be taking care of her by myself then.

And not forgetting my income tax. Have been procrastinating for 2 months now, so better get down to it soon.


eugene said...

Just take it a thing at a time, don't stress ya

Small Kucing said...

me too...i better go dig out the receipts and vouchers for income tax

Merryn said...

wut??? it's march already?! *faint* :P

lvynana said...

Which school to go to, we still cannot make up our mind yet :(

mNhL said...

I will choose the school near to the house. She will be there for 6 years...then bb jay will be joining her when he grows up. Anyway....hope you can find a good school for her.