Saturday, March 19, 2011

Which to get?

If only I have a dryer at home, everything would be easy and convenient. I would not even need to use one of the rooms upstair as my "drying area". With the unpredictable weather lately, it is hard to have dry laundry every day. So I prefer to hang my clothes indoor than risking them hanging in the shaded balcony. You know, with 2 active kids, my laundry baskets never left empty a single minute!

Hubby and I agreed on getting a dryer once we move in new house. But we have yet to decide which brand to buy. I am considering Electrolux brand. Nothing heavy duty as only 4 of us, so I would not need a big washing machine and dryer. What good brand you can recommend? Do you think a combined Washing machine and dryer better or seperate units are better? Something economical, low maintenance and cost saving.

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lvynana said...

My parents have an electrolux dryer, very reliable.