Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Maybe .....

Hubby and I went to check out on the new school in MJC. Pretty new school, so not much facilities. After much discussion with hubby last night, we probably stick to that school and enrol little gal in. Distance is less than 1km (maybe less than 1/2km!), a walking distance to our new house. So at least it would not be a rush in the morning to send her to school. I still have time to get ready myself and Baby Jay afterward. By then, Baby Jay would be in kindergarden.

Maybe in 2 years time, the school would be more settling down and more facilities would be introduced into it. We checked on the notice board and definitely there is increase of students this year compared to last year when it just operated.

So in my March to-do checklist, this item is half-way done. Just need to submit together with necessary documents, that would be it! Add to the list would be to find new staff. Yes! Another staff has suddenly resigned! Tired! Tired looking and training new staff. So now I am short-handed in the shop. Got to find a replacement soon otherwise my other staff would be over-worked and start to complain. Not easy to find good and loyal staff nowadays. I have a part-timer that come only on weekends, so I am not so much worry about weekends. Weekday is when I usually go out to do my chore and also some time for my home. Not forgetting a short afternoon nap too. Lol!

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lvynana said...

Good luck in finding your new staff :)