Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ghost scare

Are you scare of ghost? Or have you encounter one?

I never (and I wish I would not) see one. I do believe in ghost existence like many other existence. But I am not scare of them, literally speaking.

I love watching ghost movies. When I was young, Chinese vampires, draculas and ghosts were a hit back then. Usually the Chinese vampires are more of comedy nature compared to English vampires and ghosts. So I am not so afraid of watching Chinese movies. But when ever I watched English ghost movies I will have nightmare or phobia. I remember I used to scare of looking at myself in the mirror at night after watching a ghost movie. Lol! Funny thinking about it.

Back to present state. There is a ghost story spreading around my area which some tenants advising me not to park my car in the basement carpark, where the ghost is sighted. At first I have a goosebump hearing the story from a friend (which I always did when ever I heard ghost stories) but after a while, I am not scared anymore. Why should we afraid of them, when they did not harm you at all. All the stories I heard were the ghost just passing by or floating up and down the staircases. They did not harm anyone in the process other than scare the souls out of them with its presence. So there is nothing to be afraid of as long as it does not harm you, don't you agree??

Frankly speaking, I am more afraid of a human being than ghost. They tend to harm you more than ghosts.


Small Kucing said...

I am more afraid of a human being than ghost. They tend to harm you more than ghosts. - True

wenn said...

ghost can be scary..

RaiNboW said...

I agree but i'm still scare of ghost, if I ever encounter one.

lvynana said...

I dont like ghost movie, the scariest ghost movie that I've watched are The eye, The others and Nang nak...that's all.