Friday, March 4, 2011

Thank you, sis

In my previous post I mentioned to you about been short-handed in the shop. Luckily I have my sister to help me during the night. She has been helping me on Wednesday night as one of staff did not turned up and one has "date" to attend to. So, my sis helped me out.

After the closing, we have supper together with my little gal. Yeap, she was tugging along as she did want to stay at home with her daddy and little brother. She calls Baby Jay "little monster". Lol! Because he always disturb her stuff and toys and never leave her alone with her toys and books for a second.

So we went to Peach Garden for supper around 10pm. Oh boy! It has been a while since I have my supper. And some more, having it outside. Once in blue moon, hubby will "tapau" supper for me. I don't usually have supper at night, but if I am hungry, I will get hubby to tapau if he is outside. So you can imagine the feeling of having supper other than in the house. *wink*

It was great. As usual, the place was packed with night goers. I ordered a small oyster pancake and 4 pieces of drumsticks. Sis also ordered kuay chap for herself. So three of us, sitting down, enjoying our food and chatting. It feels like yesterday, having my sister at my side, and we had girl to girl chat.

Sis will be coming over tonight, since I have a handful at shop. My two "monsters" are staying with me as hubby has dinner to attend to. If my two "monsters" are behaving well tonight, maybe we can have another round of supper! *Fingers crossed*

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wenn said...

great to hv a helpful sister.