Thursday, February 24, 2011

Connected child

I gave my Baby Jay Anmum Essential since he was a baby. Now he is in Stage 3 (1 year old above). Never change his milk formula.

Since my boy is taking Anmum Essential, it is rational for me to check its website and I found this good website. On how to have a connected child. Every child is born with 100 billions brain cells, but not all are connected. So development of a child's brain actually start at very early stage, i.e. during pregnancy. Every parents would love to have a connected child. A child that show intelligence and maturity beyond their age and often caught you off guard with their antic and behaviour. Just like this little girl in this video.

Want to know more? Check out connected tots. I love its interative games and stories. My girl is more eager to play than her baby brother. Why not? She did not have such privilege when she was small. My boy may not appreciate them now, but no harm get connected with him on those stuff, right?

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