Friday, March 25, 2011

An unhappy tenant

Time flies pretty fast these days. Without realising, in 2 months time it will be 1 year anniversary. I mean my shop!

I am not going to talk about my shop anniversary today but I just could not stand some people any longer. They are the worst I have even encountered! myspace graphic comments

I am ranting about the poor management of my shopping mall where my shop is located in. No proper housekeeping and security. Those "aunties" that do the cleaning work are not doing their work properly. Sometimes they even scold the tenants or shoppers for throwing sanitary pads into the provided bins. Would you believe it?? My staff got scolded for that once, and she just replied back "Then, if I am not to throw in the bin, what is the bin used for??" Those aunties are even rude to the shoppers.

I know, no charges for the toilet usage, but it does not mean that we are not entitled to have a cleaner and better functional toilet facility. Every month, there would be one broken toilet door knob or blocked sink or spoiled water tap! What cheap materials are they using here???

The security is another story! That is the problem of employing outside securtiy team. No diligence in work. Always seen loitering around or chatting with sales girls. I have that problem. They keep talking to my sales girl till I have to shout back at them to leave my girl alone! Hai! What the use? It needs two hands to clap!

By now, you would know I hate people smoking. My hubby is a smoker I admit, but unlike some people, he knows where to puff. There is totally no control or necessary method taken to stop some of the tenants' staff from smoking in the premises. Not outside mind you, but in the air-cond building. Those people just puffing away coolly without taking in consideration of others. What the shoppers will think of the building with the anchor tenants' staff smoking in the premises?? With the big "No smoking" signs almost every corners, I think it does not serve much notices to those people.

The building is about a year old only, but it does not look its age! It looks so down and poorly maintained. No promotions or exhibitions to boost up the shoppers count. Since CNY, few shops have closed down. Now it makes me think seriously about its impact on my business. Sigh!


mNhL said...

even toilets that need money also dirty le.....

lvynana said...

I know waht you mean, been there once ONLY :)

Nick Phillips said...

Uggghhh! Smoking in a shopping complex really pisses me off! I'm not a smoker and smokers who have no consideration for other should be locked up :D

Dav DiDi said...

I never been there before..thought of going there but after what you say .. hhmmmmmmmmmm