Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Are you fighting all the times?

I think I do. I do not know but I always feel like I am fighting for and about something. How do I feel about fighting? It is not always great in the end.

I am fighting for times every day. Every morning chasing my two kids, getting them prepared before we are off. And not forgetting the chasing of my "big baby" (hubby) so he would not be late for work.

I am fighting for my business and personal committment. I am fighting to keep my business in track. I am fighting to get the right staff for the shop. I hate those unloyal staff that I have in the past, but what the heck? Bygone is bygone. I did not lose anything from them. Life goes on. I have new staff for a week and I am fighting to keep them there. (I hope)

I am fighting to keep my family well fed. Ensure my little girl has the best education, ensure my boy is well taken care of. I am fighting to be a great mum and wife (if I am not the best).

I am still fighting for the best.....for my hubby, my two kids, my profession, my company. Fighting is exhausting and there were times when I feel like quitting, but when I think that it is just a part of life that we should encounter and go through....I will continue to fight. Fight for my sanity. And I determine to fight till I win the battle too! *wink* Happy fighting!


lvynana said...
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lvynana said...

I don't like fighting..struggling maybe :)

NomadicMom said...

Rose...I think we are all fighting everyday with one thing or another. It's just the intensity and how we deal with it.
I supposed we just have to look at the bright side of everything to 'soften' the effects of the fights.

wenn said...

ya, i used to do that too..time is precious.

stay-at-home mum said...

Life, I guess, is a constant battle! If it's not time, its rights, or wants, needs, desires that we fight each day. So march on!! Just hope that the battle doesnt get too intense :P

Thanks for coming by my blog.