Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Menu #11

Not much cooking from me nowadays. Lazy and not enough time to ready and cook. So mostly we eat out.

One of my fovourite breakfast is a bowl of Sarawak Laksa. I love the laksa in Blossom Cafe. Why not? Big portion, tender chicken meat and fresh prawns to bite and appetizing laksa soup. If you order special, you will get a chicken feet to go with it. I never fancy chicken feet until I tasted this laksa and now I am addicted to it. Try not to take too much! High cholesterol, man!

Hubby read somewhere in newspaper on this Indonesian cuisine cafe in Jln Tun Jugah. So that very day, he brought me to try out the food. Nasi Kuning Cafe it is called. Hubby tried the nasi kuning. Beside the rice been yellow and a piece of fried drumstick his dish looks the same like mine, which is Nasi Rendang. Not bad, or probably both of us were hungry as we ate around 2 something.

We ordered soup ekor too. Must try. I like the tender meat. Never like beef, but I ate and drink a lot that day so you see in the picture, not much meat left. Lol!

My nasi rendang accompanied by Air Kelapa Jeruk.

Our lunch costs around RM28.00.

You can try out this place if you fancy Indonesian food.

Tried out the "mein sien hu" in TJ Delight. I feel like I am eating a bowl of shark fin soup. Taste-wise, very flavourish with shao xing wine. Big portion for RM4.00 per bowl! I would not take this as I think it is too starchy, but a great dish to take on cold night.


mNhL said...

Chicken feet in a bowl of laksa is really special.

lvynana said...

the laksa really is a special one, got boiled egg inside :)