Friday, April 1, 2011

It is April

Happy April Fool! Hope you have not fool anyone or been fooled today. Lol!

Anyway, I will not be fooling any one today (have not do so for many years). What is in store for the month of April????

* Sarawak election will be this month. Nomination date as 6 April and polling on 16 April

* Renew my driving lesson. The last time I renewed it was during my first confinement. Yes, I remember I asked my parents to help me pay for 5 years period while I am in my confinement with my daughter.

* My lovely daughter's 5th birthday is on 28 April. I have not yet decide what to get for her birthday.

Happy weekend, everyone!


Small Kucing said...

4) Do taxes :(

mNhL said...

So fast April already ya.

I think a 3D/2N short holidays will be the best gift for your girl. :)

beelee said...

i started another blog on april fool..

RaiNboW said...

Happy weekend. I think ur girl will be happy if you can spend time with her, not receiving any gifts. =)